I just want to ask regarding on how to transfer my family visa to working visa. I came here last October 2019 and already had inteviews in different companies here in Kuwait but they refuse to hire me because they told me that I need to stay here at least one year before I can work. I read some article that Visa 22 can be transferred to Visa 18 when you have a university degree and you don’t have to wait one year. Can you advise me what should I do regarding this matter or better kindly provide me a circular that Visa 22 can be transferred to Visa 18 so they would allow me to work in their company. I hope to hear from you soon.


Name withheld

Answer: We think that the companies are telling you in a polite way that they dont need your services because the rules that guide visa transfer states in black and white that when you are a university graduate and on Visa 22, you can transfer to Visa 18 at any point in time granting that you get a job. The one-year waiting period is meant for those who are not university graduates. As for providing you with a circular that states that Visa 22 can be transferred to Visa 18, we are sorry to say that we are not equipped with the authority to do that. The Directorate General of Residency Affairs of the Ministry of Interior will be the best place for you to ask for such a circular.

Source: Arab Times