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the Embassy organized a press briefing for Mr. Hussain Al-Shammaa
upon his appointment as Honorary Investment Counselor of Pakistan to Kuwait.
نظمت السفارة اليوم مؤتمرا صحفياً للسيد حسين الشماع
عند تعيينه في منصب مستشار الاستثمار الفخري لباكستان في دوله الكويت

Sixth batch of 196 Pakistani Medical professionals arrived in Kuwait today. Received by Mr Akhlaq, Community Welfare Wing of Embassy on 24-Jun-2021


6th flight carrying 196 Pakistani medical professionals to KUWAIT had departed on 23-Jun-2021.

After this flight Pakistan has sent over 1000 medical professionals to Kuwait since #covid started. The flight carried families of some doctors as well.

‏پی این ایس سیف کا کویت کے لئے 4 روزہ دورہ!
پاک بحریہ کے کمانڈنگ آفیسر کیپٹن عاطف سلطان ٹی آئی (ایم) پاکستان نیوی اور عملے کا سفیر پاکستان برائے کویت جناب سید سجاد حیدر اور کرنل صالح وزارت دفاع کویت نے الشیوخ پورٹ پر استقبال کیا۔ ‎
Ambassador of Pakistan Syed Sajjad received PNS Saif at Shuwaikh Port. Commanding Officer of Pak Navy Capt Atif Sultan TI(M) PN welcomed the Ambassador & Col. Saleh, Kuwait M/o Defence. PNS Saif is on its 4-day friendship visit (22-26Jun2021) in Kuwait.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to Kuwait H.E Syed Sajjad Haider’s Interaction with local dignitaries continues


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