Ali Rehman Khan and Navin Waqar are playing a married couple in upcoming drama, Bewafa.

Speaking to Images, the two actors opened up about their characters and what to expect.

“I play a guy called Ahaan, who’s a computer programmer and he’s working for a big company. He’s doing very well and he’s married to his college sweetheart, which is Navin’s character. He’s a very nice, decent guy who’s a self-made man,” said Ali.

Navin shated, “I play Kinza, who’s a housewife and very much in love with her husband and her life revolves around her home. She is very strong, sensible but naive at the same time."

About the drama itself she said, "The themes of the play range from the different shades of women and the desires that drive them, to what makes a relationship strong and how suspicions and lies can destroy a normal relationship."

The drama also has Ushna Shah as part of the main cast and is being directed by Abis Raza under Big Bang Productions. We hope this isn't yet another drama just about a cheating spouse...

Bewafa will go on air on ARY Digital this month, on 16 September.