KUWAIT CITY, Oct 6: The Ministry of Interior has introduced tougher penalties for motorists who commit serious traffic violations, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The daily quoting senior Interior Ministry officials said the ministry will strictly apply the points system on Kuwaitis and expatriates without discrimination and those who exceed the maximum number of points will be put behind bars and in some cases the expatriates will be deported from the country.

The security sources told the daily the Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, Major-General Jamal Al-Sayegh has issued a circular to the Traffic Violations Department on the need to activate the system of points, especially when an accident leads to loss of life or property or obstruct traffic.

The circular has called for immediate deportation of expatriates in 4 cases — driving under the influence of alcohol, without a license, exceeding the number of points related to crossing the red traffic light or speeding.

Earlier the Ministry of Interior had given a summary which was taken from the Official Gazette.

The points table shows 14 points

— withdrawal of driving licence for 1 month for 1st time violators; 12 points

— second time violation, 6 months withdrawal of driving licence; 10 points

— third time violation, 9 months withdrawal of driving licence; 8 points

— one year withdrawal of driving permit for 4th time violators; 6 points

— permanent withdrawal of driving license for 5th time violators.

The points will be automatically deleted under the following 2 conditions

— if the driving licence is not withdrawn and non-repetition of any other violation within one year of the last violation. Point System in traffic Violations

— crossing the red signal, four points; crossing the maximum speed; four points; driving against the flow of traffic on highways and ring roads, four points; driving a heavy duty vehicle on the strength on light driving licence, 3 points; driving a vehicle with a prior suspended license; 3 points; reckless driving, three points; committing a disgraceful behavior inside the vehicle or allowing it to be happened, four points; driving unlicensed vehicle, 3 points; driving without a numbers plate, three points.

This is in addition to driving a vehicle whose metal plate was delivered by the Traffic Dept. but its numbers were changed partly or wholly; or whose metal plate was not delivered by the Traffic Dept. and the original numbers were either written or changed, three points; giving false information in order to obtain unlawfully some documents like vehicle license, driving license, learning licence, three points; using the private car to transport passenger, 3 points, hindering or obstructing the traffic flow on purpose, 2 points, driving a vehicle with faulty brakes, 2 points; if the vehicle owner permits his car to be driven by a driver who has no appropriate license or no license at all, two points.

Driving a vehicle whose metal plates numbers are not clear or unreadable, 2 points; driving a vehicle with one metal plate; or whose color and shape has changed or placed in the wrong place of the car, 1 point; driving a vehicle without permission, or with expired permission, or in violation of a given permission, 1 point; decline to show vehicle license or driver’s driving license to the police, 1 point; exceeding the allowed cargo for transport vehicles, 1 point; transporting vehicles violations in terms of the dimensions, length, width, height and weight, 1 point; driving a vehicle with disturbing sounds, 1 point; driving a ‘smoking’ vehicle emitting foul smell from the vehicle, 1 point; driving a vehicle with volatile or combustible cargo that may violate health and road safety standards; driving a vehicle with materials dropping on the highway that can be dangerous, 1 point; driving a defected vehicle or defective tires which may influence its balance, 1 point.

The following violations carry a penalty of one point each — using lamps, magnifying sound or warning instrument not allowed by the law, causing damage to traffic signs, light signs, control equipment; or changing their features, places, directions, or covering it by stickers, if the driver doesn’t drive according to road lines or traffic signs, driving over roads abutment, turning around or entering in the opposite direction of the traffic, driving a vehicle without a valid insurance policy and replacement of a major part of the vehicle.

Source: Arab Times